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There are so many ways to wear a leather jacket! It’s quickly starting to cool down, so you know it’s time to pull them out. Leather jackets are a closet must-have and can go with literally anything whether you’re fresh out of the gym or off to a dinner date! If you’re stumped on how to style this staple piece, below are 25 ways to wear a leather jacket.

1. Straight Outta’ Working Out.

Who said leather jackets couldn’t go with yoga pants and sports bras? …. Nobody. This way to wear a leather jacket is super easy, comfy, and casual. Just throw that jacket on after a workout and you’re ready to go out and get some lunch with your friends!


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2. When You’re Constantly Hot And Cold.

No need to put your favorite t-shirt dresses away just yet. If you’re transitioning into cooler weather, and you never know what the temperature is going to be, you can just throw your leather jacket over your dress.

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3. With Your Joggers Or Sweats.

Throw on your comfiest pair of sweats with your favorite t-shirt and leather jacket and you’ve got a look right there!


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4. The Double Layered Look.

Currently freezing? A sweater or hoodie under your jacket should do the trick!


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5. Keeping It Nice And Simple.

The good ol’ blue jeans and t-shirt will never go out of style. Feel free to dress it up a bit with some layered necklaces or cute booties.


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6. With A Cute Chunky Scarf.

A chunky scarf will definitely keep you warm. (Also acts as a great pillow if you’re traveling!) Never will your neck be cold again.



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7. Slip It Over That Slip Dress.

Slip dresses were such a hit in the 90s and now we’re bringing them back! Slips can definitely be paired with a nice leather jacket for a soft, yet edgy look.


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8. Mixing And Matching Textures And Prints.

Mixing patterns can make a statement, but if you’re intimated by this idea, here’s the trick: mix a bold print like floral with something more intricate like skinny stripes.

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9. All Grey With A Pop.

It may sound boring at first to throw on an all grey outfit, but just incorporate colors from the nude family and you’ve got an amazing look.

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10. From Business To Casual.

Culottes have been making such a statement this year. Wearing culottes with a leather jacket and sneakers can be casual, but throw on some pumps and this look can easily be business casual.


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 11. Edgy And Girly At The Same Time.

One of my personal favorite ways to style a leather jacket is simply to wear a graphic tee with some ripped black jeans or to pair it over a dress. Ballet flats and cute accessories take this edgy look and make it a bit softer.

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12. Paired With Your Over The Knee Boots

Over-the-knee boots are so cute and such a staple for this winter season! Whether worn with mini dresses or jeans, a leather jacket and over-the-knee boots definitely go well together.


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13. Personalize Your Own Leather Jacket.

Bored of your basic leather jacket? Just add a bunch of pins and you’ve got yourself a brand new jacket. This is a super fun way to make your jacket unique and to stand out from the crowd!


recreate the look:


14. Leather On Leather.

Just like denim on denim, leather on leather is a thing! Style your leather jacket with a cool pair of leather pants and you’ll be making one heck of a statement.

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15. The Monochrome Outfit.

An all black and white outfit can be easily styled and looks so chic. You probably already have all of these pieces in your closet.


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16. An Embroidered Leather Jacket.

I love how embroidery is becoming super trendy. The patterns on the leather jacket make a fun statement, but because it’s still leather, there’s still an edge.


recreate the look:


17. With Midi Skirts

A leather jacket with a midi skirt looks so edgy and quirky! This would be a great look for a business meeting or even grabbing some lunch with friends.

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18. All Black Errrrythanggg.

Black on black on black has never looked better. This look screams minimal effort with a bad ass vibe. If you’re going for daintier vibes, pair it with a lace cami underneath.



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19. Show A Little Flare.

Flared jeans have been making a comeback recently! Adding a leather jacket to your favorite pair of 90’s flared jeans will be funky and fresh.


recreate the look: 



20. The Boho Chic Ensemble.

Pair your leather jacket with a cute bandanna around your neck and your favorite loose fitted tee. This will ensure you an effortless and boho chic look!

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21. With Your Favorite Flannel.

Who doesn’t love a good flannel? Well, you’re in luck because they go perfectly with leather jackets! Tie it around your waist or wear it under your jacket-either way you’ve got yourself a super cute look.


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22. The Mom Jean Look.

Mom jeans are IN again. Finally, a super comfortable jean that also screams style. Top it off with your leather jacket for an effortlessly cool outfit.

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23. With Your Boyfriend’s Ball Cap.

Baseball caps are perfect for days when we just don’t feel like bothering with our hair. They are also perfect for dressing down any leather jacket look. Just pair with some skinny jeans and sneakers and your’e good to go.


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24. Incorporate Stripes.

Stripes will never go out of style. They also happen to look ridiculously good under leather jackets. So what are you waiting for?…Go get yourself a striped shirt!


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25. For the “IDGAF” Chick

This look says “I’m badddd and I know it.” It’s perfect for when you’re in a rebellious mood or just want people to know that you don’t care what they think.


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Do you have any other ways to wear a leather jacket? Share in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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25 Ways To Wear A Leather Jacket – Society19

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