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Paige Denim Hoxton Leather Pants on Jess Ann Kirby

Paige Denim Leather Pants (Similar look for less) / Sweater / Embellished Jean Jacket / Suede Pumps / Watch

I’ve always been a bit intimidated by leather pants. Not only for their reputation of being impossible to get on (and off) but they have a sort of rock and roll, bad ass appeal that I personally do not possess. But in the interest of trying something new I decided to give them a shot and I’m here to report they are easier to wear than you might think. Full disclosure I let this pair sit on my garment rack for about two weeks before I even tried them on. I was so scared that I was going to be sprawled out on my couch sucking in and desperately trying to pull them up my legs. So when I finally pulled them out and they slipped right on I checked the label to make sure they were in fact leather. Insanely stretchy and comfortable these basically felt like wearing leggings. With this embellished jean jacket and suede pumps it’s a more modest approach to an edgy rock and roll vibe that is super wearable and in my opinion pretty freakin cool.

Leather Pants (and Leather Look)

Jess Kirby wears the Paige Denim Rowan Jupiter Star Embellished Jean JacketJess Kirby styles Paige Denim leather pants and sweater with an embellished jean jacket and pumpsJess Kirby styling a sweater and embellished jean jacket with leather pantsJess Kirby in the Paige Rowan Jupiter Embellished Jean Jacket Embellished jean jacket over a knit sweater on Jess KirbyJess Ann Kirby shows how to style leather pants Jess Kirby in the Rowan Jupiter star embellished jean jacketJess Kirby balayage hair and jean jacket

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How to Style Leather Pants | Prosecco & Plaid

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